While sailing at night enjoy the natural spectacle of the stars, starting from the brand new one shining in the sky of the Nile: Farah-totally different.
Yes! We have our own star registered in the Global star registry. The Telescope is located on the sun-deck and the coordinates are available at the reception. Check it out!

Cruise Decks

We made sure while designing the preliminary structure that no guest cabins will be located near the engines area, a major problem that occurs due to the relative noise produced by the engines. Instead, in the same level of the engines room is located the Kitchen and the Restaurant. And in the level above the engines the staff cabins and Laundry. Totally distant from guest accommodation.

  • Sun Deck
    Sun Deck
    Swimming Pool Barbecue Buffet Pool Bar

  • Sun Deck
    Wheel H.Deck
    24 cabins 2 Royal Suites Gymnasium, Steam,
    Sauna & Massage room

  • Sun Deck
    Second Deck
    26 cabins Library Bazar

  • Sun Deck
    Main Deck
    Lobby Lounge Bar 6 cabins

  • Sun Deck
    Lower Deck
    Restaurant 4 cabins

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